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Facts about egg

Why are some egg yolks are paler than others?pollito

The yolk color is determined by what you eat chicken. In industrial production (hens in cage, soil and jackets) use artificial colors. In organic eggs these substances have no place, There are natural ingredients like corn, sorghum, marigold flowers, The citrus peel, the nielgas and fresh grass that give the yolk color and more intense flavor.

Why are some egg shells are brown some white?
The shell color is determined by the breed of hen. The white hens produce white eggs and brown hens are brown, but no nutritional differences between the two.

How I can tell if an egg is fresh?_DSC0078-as-object-Smart-1
A simple test is to place an egg in a glass of water: if the egg is fresh will sink, if it floats and it is not. This is because as the egg ages, the air in the internal chamber grows, what does it float.

How to remove the shell of a boiled egg easily?
The shell is more easily removed if the egg is not too cool, eggs used are closer to their expiration date.

I can recycle? Eggshells?_DSC0158
There are many ways to use egg shells, in crafts, in the garden or in the garden. For example, crushed egg shells and sprayed around the plants help prevent snails and slugs.

Mixed with coffee grounds help improve nutrient potted plants. Water boil eggs can also be used for plants by calcium shell, that water infiltrates.

Add the egg shells to compost increases the nutrients, and worth as hotbeds for the seeds have all the nutrients they need.

What is the red dot that can be seen in the yolk?_DSC0159
Is called "spot of blood ', comes from a ruptured blood vessel. Spend too often and is safe to eat.

Why do some recipes recommend using eggs at room temperature?
May be due to different reasons, for example, if you put an egg from the fridge into boiling water, shell can break more easily, I know that very quickly expands by heat and loses some of the clear before curdling. In oven, to make pastry, very cold egg will not bind well with the other ingredients, resulting in a flatter cake.

Eggs are beaten at room temperature faster, because the protein is more elastic clear. If you do a fried egg, oil pan further jump if the egg is cold at room temperature.

If you keep eggs in the refrigerator, it is recommended to remove them before use half hour._DSC0100

Why not keep eggs in the refrigerator in the supermarket?
For optimal freshness and food safety, eggs must be kept at a constant temperature below 20 ° C.. In supermarkets remain below this temperature, so it is not necessary to keep in the fridge; and also avoided the significant temperature fluctuations (for example, to be in a fridge at the supermarket for a hot car after purchase).

Where should retain the eggs at home?
For optimal freshness and food safety, eggs must be kept at a constant temperature below 20 ° C. For avoiding temperature fluctuations typical of a kitchen, Eggs should be stored in its box in the fridge.

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