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crudeEggs are a cheap and rich source of protein, and almost all products are very digestive, They are also rich in vitamins (although they lack vitamin C) and essential minerals (see table). Has been, however some controversy over its cholesterol content, that is high *, and if that can produce hypercholesterolemia who ingested. But egg yolk is also rich in phospholipids, especially phosphatidylcholine or lecithin esterification and substitution would clean (please note the conditional) the bad cholesterol risky (LDL), although they also contain omega three fatty acids and cholesterol and to eliminate, since these are to a greater extent, the risk is not excessive. It is a subject that is clear or settled, like so many in nutrition. The traditional take no more than two eggs a day nor more than ten a week has been questioned.

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If consumed only clear, no risk of hypercholesterolemia, since it does not contain any lipids (all are in the yolk lipids).
Eggs are suitable for pregnant women as they have colinala which facilitates the development of the central nervous system of the embryo and fetus, also transformed the presence of choline into acetylcholine helps memory in humans.

Eggs are also rich in lutein and caxantina which prevents eye problems such as cataracts. The egg is characterized by causing satiety, helping when you want to reduce the consumption of foods.

La avidina, a substance in raw egg, especially when bound to biotin, is highly resistant to proteolysis by enzymes of the human digestive, so that it makes a completely unavailable bound biotin.

Ingestion of large amounts of raw egg white produces vitamin deficiency.

Source: Wikipedia

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