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Tips to know if the egg is fresh


If by shaking an egg, hear a kind of splash, this indicates that the inner tube is pretty big, is clear and watery. When an egg begins to stop being cool, the pad is moved inside.


Crack an egg on a plate. Fresh eggs are recognized by their domed well centered yolk in the white. If the yolk is flat and clear is dispersed, the egg and have some time and should be cooked well.


Place the egg in a tall glass with water. Very fresh eggs will sink completely. The eggs of about seven days begin to rise to the surface with the rounded side up. If the egg floats, means having at least 21 days. This is because the air chamber is so large that it makes the egg rises.


Hold the egg in front of a strong light source. Fresh and raw eggs are translucent. Turning the egg in any direction, the yolk always remains in the center. With the passage of time, the yolk begins to move.

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