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About Us?


Poster for our company in the years 60

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San Rafael Farm today

Granja San Rafael is a pioneer in poultry, Sevillana located in the countryside in the town of Marchena.

Since its founding in year 1926, our first goal has been producing the best egg market.

Today we have the most modern, trying to birds the best environmental conditions and welfare.

We have sufficient production capacity for eggs offer the best quality day to all markets.

The farm was established on land that today virtually conform the planned expansion area of ​​Marchena, transladandose in 60 to its present location where we intend to continue growing.

Four generations on us from our grandfather Rafael Camacho Carrasco 1926 until the fourth generation of Camacho will continue with the noble craft of poultry.

Our grandfather Rafael Camacho Carrasco on the Farm (years old 50)

Jose Antonio Camacho Trojan, along the D. Federico Castellón at the Royal School of Poultry


Rafael Camacho, by vaccinating chickens Pino



Tarjeta become, We believe the 60, which reads “Granja San Rafael” – Vigorous Marchena newborn chicks.









Postcard from the same period of the previous Farm San Rafael – Marchena – Gudiel,nº 26 – Partial view of the farm. On the reverse is also the telephone number 25.


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