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What benefits does the egg white?

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What benefits does the egg white?Hitherto, We had always heard that the eggs had to include us in our diet, but always in moderation, since the mass consumption of these could influence negatively on the rate of cholesterol.

However, A recent study by Yu Zhipeng, professor at the University of Jlin (China), has been to show that the egg white is a great ally to keep 'in line' our health blood. That yes, always consumed in moderation. Therefore, and we should not be so afraid to consume this product so important in our kitchen. Because if you think about it, are numerous dishes, sweet and savory, those using this product for your preparation.

Cooking the egg remains better high temperature properties thereof

The above study, was introduced in the last Congress of the American Chemical Society. During his lecture, Yu explained that "our research suggests that there may be another reason to call it 'the incredible, and edible egg''. We have evidence from the laboratory of a substance on the egg, peptide, namely, one of the blocks of proteins, reduced blood pressure more or less as a low dose of Captopril, an antihypertensive drug ".

For this fact will not be a simple chat, during the conference held a presentation in which said peptide used in lab rats who had developed hypertension. After feeding them this substance, them had a decrease in their blood pressure levels. This decrease was similar to that obtained by ingesting the drug Captopril, and without any side effects develop.

They keep their properties

If something is good use of eggs for our cooking and health is that the heat does not alter the properties of this molecule. Thus, eggs maintain their properties even after cooking. With respect to this topic, It should be noted that, another recently published study also stated that protein, after frying the egg, showed a greater ability to reduce the stress if the egg was cooked. Therefore, if you decide to use this product to reduce blood pressure, nothing better to consume fried.

To the foregoing should be added that the substance named by specialists can also function as drug, however, is recommended that if you want to perform this practice to improve health, especially in people who suffer the said ailment, so consult with your doctor, if this practice could be harmful in another sense.

Source: Gastronomika

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