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Our company acquires Livestock facilities Marciense to expand your business online

30,June, 2014   //   By: admin   //   News  // 

outer-input-panoramicGranja San Rafael, has acquired the premises of the dairy, in order to expand and improve their online business feed, livestock products and services.

PECUARIAMARCIENSE-2239PECUARIAMARCIENSE-2046The company expects this acquisition, use existing infrastructure, after a major refurbishment, for the development and sale of compound feed and empowerment Store, already in the cooperative for sale to professionals, Retail and livestock products, but do not rule reactivate the dairy business if the conditions are met to resume this activity.

Granja San Rafael, will convert these facilities on a cattle referral center in the region and for that they have reached agreements with major distribution companies feed, laboratory and veterinary, to deliver their products and services once renovated and adequate facilities that are now occupied by Livestock.

PECUARIAMARCIENSE-2229PECUARIAMARCIENSE-2035Livestock Marciense, known to all as the cooperative milk "The Marchena", it has been called in recent months to a close, because many ranchers have stopped the activity formed, retirement without a generational change , other economic hardship for the prices of milk origin, the even unfair competition from supermarkets and market entry of milk from other countries that made their farms did not live up the minimum needs for sustenance.

San Rafael Farm would like to thank the work of all the farmers who have been in these almost Livestock Marciense 40 years old and who laid the foundation of the livestock economy of our people. Also want to know that their doors are always open and available to all who need to keep everyone feeling like at home.

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