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Our company meets the standard since the introduction of the EU labeling.

The marking of each egg with the distinguishing number of the production must be done on the farm or at the latest at the first packing center to which the eggs.

The marking of each egg is a code consisting of 15 digits each of which provides the following information:

The first digit indicates the type of farming of laying hens and is represented by a number of 0 to the 3:

0: Organic production.trazabilidadhuevo

1: Range eggs.

2: Eggs from hens raised on floor.

3: Eggs from caged hens.

The second digit indicates the country of origin, in Spain is "ES", en Francia “FR”, Italia “IT”…

The remaining digits indicate the data for the producer:- Two digits for the province 41 = Sevilla, three for the municipality in which is located 060 = Marchena, the last digits identify the producer 447 = Granja San Rafael.

The egg stamping die will be allowed in the shell alimentary.

Additionally can be labeled the best before date of minimum durability or (established in not more than 28 days after start, by the expression "cons.pref." followed by two sets of numbers, day (1 to the 31 ) and month (1 to the 12), Also being able to use the month is alpha characters with a maximum of four.

Additionally also can be marked on the regional origin or egg laying date.

These marks are placed so clearly visible and legible, and can not lead to consumer confusion.

Our product datasheet Eggs Camacho – Granja San Rafael

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