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10 Tips for egg consumption

_DSC01261. Avoid washing the egg before saving by eliminating its natural protection. It is advisable to wash just a few seconds before using.

2. Preferably keep the egg in a closed container so that this does not absorb various odor.

3. Use eggs that take longer in the refrigerator before the fresh, namely, rotate.

4. Or dirty eggs should not be used because if there was contamination by bacteria in the shell, can easily enter the slots.

5. The shell should not be mixed with the contents of the egg, to avoid contamination.

6. Before preparing the egg, must wash the utensils that we will use for cooking.

7. Dishes made with raw or undercooked eggs, should be eaten immediately or keep refrigerated.

8. Dishes prepared with eggs should not be left out of refrigeration for more than an hour.

9. To ensure kill bacteria in the egg, it should be cooked until the white is completely "clotted" or cooked and the yolk is thick enough or "thick". The dishes made with eggs should be cooked at a higher temperature of 65 ° C for 3 1/2 minutes.

10. The freshly prepared eggs eggs do not mix with previously developed. The eggs should be discarded leftovers and containers should be washed were perfectly fine before putting freshly prepared.

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