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Farm Eggs from San Rafael Camacho want to give thanks to all

24,Apr,2017   //   By: admin   //   News  // 
ifs2017A year thanks to all, customers, Providers, workers, friends and collaborators. The effort, the experience and know-how, It has been well appreciated.
In view of the results of the recent audit 2017, We are pleased that the management system Granja San Rafael SL complies with the requirements of International Food Standard HIGHER LEVEL (IFS).
The renewal of the international certification which we are proud, commits us to strive every day in the high quality standards and food safety we are always looking.

Granja San Rafael gets the IFS certification and traceability improves with the launch of its own feed mill

24,Mar,2015   //   By: admin   //   News  // 

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Granja San Rafael has undertaken in recent months significant improvements in the production of fresh eggs. On the one hand they have achieved the IFS certification gives the organization a seal that guarantees the quality of your brand. The IFS standards are based on the increasing demand for consumer and legal level requirements on products. To do audits uniform quality control and food safety standards are adopted.

There are not many companies in the sector in Spain that have these types of quality controls to which Granja San Rafael - Eggs Camacho is already certified.

Granja San Rafael has also undertaken some major reforms in its productive structure that improves traceability including factory compounders acquired last summer. The factory was part of the former Livestock Marciense, has been fitted and are incorporated new machinery permits automation of all manufacturing.

The factory produces all necessary feed for laying hens and further leveraging its production capacity gets food for other livestock, according to the needs of its customers and based on formulas given by experts in animal nutrition and veterinary.

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Another line of business Granja San Rafael is affecting particular interest is the sale of animal health products and specialized veterinary pet, Pets and livestock. Being our facilities authorized by the Junta de Andalucía for dispensing drugs to animals cattle center.

The store is clearinghouse feed and grain own manufacture and the Nanta and Turkey sign power racing horses.

Our company acquires Livestock facilities Marciense to expand your business online

30,June,2014   //   By: admin   //   News  // 

outer-input-panoramicGranja San Rafael, has acquired the premises of the dairy, in order to expand and improve their online business feed, livestock products and services.

PECUARIAMARCIENSE-2239PECUARIAMARCIENSE-2046The company expects this acquisition, use existing infrastructure, after a major refurbishment, for the development and sale of compound feed and empowerment Store, already in the cooperative for sale to professionals, Retail and livestock products, but do not rule reactivate the dairy business if the conditions are met to resume this activity.

Granja San Rafael, will convert these facilities on a cattle referral center in the region and for that they have reached agreements with major distribution companies feed, laboratory and veterinary, to deliver their products and services once renovated and adequate facilities that are now occupied by Livestock.

PECUARIAMARCIENSE-2229PECUARIAMARCIENSE-2035Livestock Marciense, known to all as the cooperative milk "The Marchena", it has been called in recent months to a close, because many ranchers have stopped the activity formed, retirement without a generational change , other economic hardship for the prices of milk origin, the even unfair competition from supermarkets and market entry of milk from other countries that made their farms did not live up the minimum needs for sustenance.

San Rafael Farm would like to thank the work of all the farmers who have been in these almost Livestock Marciense 40 years old and who laid the foundation of the livestock economy of our people. Also want to know that their doors are always open and available to all who need to keep everyone feeling like at home.

Our company in the cooking program. Eat it

10,Apr,2014   //   By: admin   //   News  // 

The program that runs on cooking shows Enrique Sánchez, Eggs cooked with our company's plate yesterday 9 April. And the story in which we could talk about our product. We thank South Canal and this program have the courtesy to our house the only thing is trying to produce a quality experience combining, technology, feeding, care and pampering with our animals, true architects of what we are. Thank you for trusting CAMACHO EGGS, GRANJA SAN RAFAEL.


What benefits does the egg white?

8,June,2013   //   By: admin   //   News  // 

What benefits does the egg white?Hitherto, We had always heard that the eggs had to include us in our diet, but always in moderation, since the mass consumption of these could influence negatively on the rate of cholesterol.

However, A recent study by Yu Zhipeng, professor at the University of Jlin (China), has been to show that the egg white is a great ally to keep 'in line' our health blood. That yes, always consumed in moderation. Therefore, and we should not be so afraid to consume this product so important in our kitchen. Because if you think about it, are numerous dishes, sweet and savory, those using this product for your preparation.

Cooking the egg remains better high temperature properties thereof

The above study, was introduced in the last Congress of the American Chemical Society. During his lecture, Yu explained that "our research suggests that there may be another reason to call it 'the incredible, and edible egg''. We have evidence from the laboratory of a substance on the egg, peptide, namely, one of the blocks of proteins, reduced blood pressure more or less as a low dose of Captopril, an antihypertensive drug ".

For this fact will not be a simple chat, during the conference held a presentation in which said peptide used in lab rats who had developed hypertension. After feeding them this substance, them had a decrease in their blood pressure levels. This decrease was similar to that obtained by ingesting the drug Captopril, and without any side effects develop.

They keep their properties

If something is good use of eggs for our cooking and health is that the heat does not alter the properties of this molecule. Thus, eggs maintain their properties even after cooking. With respect to this topic, It should be noted that, another recently published study also stated that protein, after frying the egg, showed a greater ability to reduce the stress if the egg was cooked. Therefore, if you decide to use this product to reduce blood pressure, nothing better to consume fried.

To the foregoing should be added that the substance named by specialists can also function as drug, however, is recommended that if you want to perform this practice to improve health, especially in people who suffer the said ailment, so consult with your doctor, if this practice could be harmful in another sense.

Source: Gastronomika

The Institute announces a contest egg on the egg audiovisual

8,June,2013   //   By: admin   //   News  // 

Call: The Egg Research Institute announces the Communication Contest II
Audiovisual (short, animations, etc.) on the egg as a protagonist of work.
1- Nature of works and themes:
Contest may be submitted to any video format audiovisual work to be
contain or convey information about any of these topics:
– The importance of the egg as a food
– advantages and benefits of egg
– the egg as healthy food
– egg benefits in diet
– Egg conservation tips
– Egg advantages in the kitchen
– proper use of the egg in the kitchen
– egg producing sector (production, merchandising, value chain ...)
or anything else that promotes the proper knowledge and use of this food.
You can find the information necessary to perform work on the egg on pages
– www.institutohuevo.com
– www.huevo.org.es
– www.huevito.es
Be positively valued the originality of the work, consistency with the proposed issue
clarity in his presentation and disclosure possibilities ofrece.2 content- Participants:You can enter the contest any person who files their own work that has not been awarded in other contests. Participants must be of age (+ 18 years old) with Spanish or foreign nationals resident in Spain.

The number of jobs that can be submitted per participant is unlimited.
3- Award:
The award for best audiovisual work on the egg consists of a cash prize of
1.000 euros and a diploma of the same, and its publication in the Institute's website
and the consequent diffusion upon claiming the prize on the Internet and the media.
4- Requirements must meet the work:
– Papers must be submitted in digital format.
– The maximum duration of the videos should be 3 minutes.
– The video can not be a smaller version of other work performed prior to
this call and can not have won any other competition.
– The video or animation jobs must be created in digital format. Final size
file must have a maximum of 300 Mb.
– Supported formats include WMV, MOV, AVI, The MPEG FLV.
– In the case of audiovisual speech is used with Spanish as the language.
5- How to participate:
– Papers must be submitted in digital format and must indicate the title of
work and a brief synopsis of the same. Along with the work will be necessary to present the
enclosed registration form is also available on the web
– The form and the work can be sent:
 The mailbox of the Egg Research Institute: PO. post
3383, CP: 28080 Madrid.
 The email address institutohuevo@institutohuevo.com with
download link work

6- Deadlines and dates:
– It can send jobs to the 15 July 2013.
– The jury will meet throughout the month of September to decide the contest and
notify the winner immediately.
– The Award will be presented at the event that celebrates IEH in Madrid in October
2013 in commemoration of World Egg Day.
7- Evaluation:
The jury will be composed of:
– 2 Members of the Advisory Council IEH.
– 2 Members of the Board of the IEH.
– 3 Members of the Communications Committee of the IEH.
– Participation in the competition implies acceptance of these rules.
– Each work is registered in the name of the person listed in the data sheet
Registration, being the beneficiary of the prize that he could be granted. The
organization presupposes that the person owns the rights to the work presented,
therefore assumes no liability in this end by
– The winner of the prize awarded to the Institute of rights Egg
distribute, disseminate and display the images presented, that in no case shall be operated
commercially, at any audiovisual medium without granting ad
this right, but always indicate the author's work.
– The data of the participants and the winners will be treated with utmost
confidentiality and in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law 15/99 the 13
December, personal data protection.
In Madrid, a 20 February 2013

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